December 17, 2019

New Years Lucky Colors 2020. The Year Of The Rat

Colors are not only are a huge part of fashion trends, but wearing certain colors has proven to enhance people’s moods.  Some even believe the right colors can bring about luck. Those that believe this, often feel colors can attract good fortune, or repel it. This is why you must choose the colors around you very carefully this coming New Year. If you are wanting to bring about some luck in your life (and who doesn’t!), choose some of these lucky colors when putting together your look for New Years Eve.

First we discuss New Years lucky colors as they pertain to New Years Eve in Canada, then we also cover colors in reference to the Chinese New Year, which beings on January 25, 2020 & is known as the year of Metal Rat.

  • Blue. Those looking for a sense of peace should display blue candles in their home. Blue is generally a happy color, no matter what shade you choose. In some countries in Europe they believe that this color can protect babies from getting a fever. If you are looking for wisdom, tranquility or just are optimistic about the future, wear shades of the color blue.

  • Burgundy. This color symbolizes great success and prosperity. Wearing this coloring can help bring you luck and increase your wealth.

  • Green. In the theater, it is said that the color green should be avoided. However, this has to do with the lime lights that were once used. Today it can bring about luck when it comes to areas of healing, health and growth.

  • Orange. This color denotes feelings of liveliness, motivation and happiness and can help the wearer with wisdom. That’s why it makes a great color to wear in 2019.

  • Pink. Is your love life in need of a little bit of luck this coming year? Wear pink. Supposedly it can encourage intimacy, affection and love.

  • Purple. This is one royal color, literally. Since early on purple has been the color of choice among royalty. Wearing it can bring about luck in areas of wisdom, passion and creativity. It’s also a great choice for those that are looking for professional success.

  • Red. This color is also an excellent choice for those looking for love & passion. It can also bring about luck in areas of associated with work and those who are looking for positions of power. Red is also associated with security & stability.

  • White. In some countries, such as Brazil, they believe that wearing white will bring about good luck and peace throughout the New Year. It also should be worn by those that are seeking new beginnings and opportunities.

  • Yellow. Wearing this vibrant color can bring about luck for those that are dealing with financial troubles. It can lift the wearer’s spirits and provide them with a clear head and a cheerful mood.

  • Gold.  Gold is synonymous with wealth, but don’t always think of it as financial.  You can also gain a wealth of experience, a wealth of knowledge or a wealth of love and support from friends and family.

Chinese News Years Lucky Colors for the Year of the Rat

If you are looking for New Years Lucky Colors 2020 that pertain to Feng Shui and the Chinese New Year, Good Luck Colors For New Years 2020 white, blue, gold and green. The combination of water and metal is said to allow fluidity and bring flexibility. Water helps prevent metal from being trapped in its rigid state.

We all want to have good luck in the New Year. New Year’s Eve is a great time to invite good luck into your life by wearing the right color. With 2020 being the Year of the Rat, there are certain colors that you should wear so that you can influence your fate in a positive way according to Chinese beliefs. These are the good luck colors that you should wear to ring in the new year.

  • BlueBlue represents water & stands for healing, trust, relaxation and long life.  Wear blue to represent growth, advancement & optimism.  It is often worn with green or black for additional luck during the year of the rat.

  • Green
    In China, the color green represents wealth, fertility, balancing, growth and harmony.  Green can help calm anxiety and reduce stress.  In more recent years it also stands for eco-friendliness.

  • Purple
    In Chinese culture, purple represents divinity & immortality.  It is now also used to symbolize love or romance.  Wear purple to attract affection/love.  Purple can also bring out your creative side. 

  • White
    White corresponds with metal & is said to symbolize light, purity, hope & fulfillment.   In China however, it is still common to wear white to a funeral.

Other Ways To Surround Yourself With Luck in 2020You don’t just have to wear lucky colors in order to bring about some good luck in 2020. You can surround yourself with them at your office and in your home. Consider displaying fruit in a bowl that contains oranges, pomegranates and tangerines. Round shapes are also supposed to be lucky as well.